Centralized Clinical Placement System


The Centralized Clinical Placement System is an internet-based tool designed to help address and improve the growing nursing shortage problem. Underutilization of existing clinical placement sites for nursing students and an inefficient clinical placement system combine to form one of the barriers to increasing the number of qualified nurses.

This system brings together school and clinical agency information in a centralized, online format. This enables schools and clinical agencies to achieve a higher level of operating performance: (i) schools can rapidly match clinical placement opportunities for student cohorts (group of 8-10 students) and (ii) clinical agencies can effectively manage a single schedule (for all participating schools) while increasing the number of students within their agency, which provides direct observation and potential identification of future employees.


The Centralized Clinical Placement System (CCPS) streamlines the clinical experience scheduling process and exposes untapped openings, allowing programs to increase enrollment.


Melissa Dunkerley
Nursing Professional Development
E: wilsomel@musc.edu

About Us

The South Carolina Nursing Resource Center is a collaborative initiative facilitated by the Citywide Orientation Taskforce for the Charleston, SC area. The SCNRC provides centralized, customer focused nursing education services for schools of nursing and clinical agencies within the Charleston area with plans to expand across all of South Carolina. The SCNRC launched in April of 2015 with 5 Citywide members participating.

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Melissa Dunkerley
Nursing Professional Development
E: wilsomel@musc.edu

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